Monday, December 28, 2009

ChromeArmory 1.0

Over this holiday season, I figured instead of running endless of instances in WoW, I better work on something fun and useful.

In my previous posts, I promised a tutorial post on how to write chrome extensions. This promise is not broken yet, it's still in the queue of all the posts I try to write and release everyday. Before I get to the actual tutorial post, I decided to write an extension of my own first.

So here it is, Chrome Armory 1.0.
Feel free to leave me any comments and suggestions. Bugs are also welcomed.

This extension provides a quick access to your world of warcraft's character profile. Items displayed on the profile page also provides tooltip powered by

==== Features under development ====
 1. base/ranged/melee/spell/defense stats of the character
 2. dual spec detection
 3. achievement stats
 4. additional tools to determine the status of the character (whether character is def capped, have enough spell power, etc.)

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