Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HTML5 & CSS3? Not Yet

ok, this is a simple post about why I don't want to implement html5 and css3 on any of my projects (excluding pet projects).
don't get me wrong, I love the new cutting edge features provided by html5 and css3 and I often wonder why it would take so long to get implemented across all browsers.
But my views are simple:
  a. neither of them has been made official by W3C
  b. Firefox, Chrome, WebKit has all implemented some cool things out of html5 and css3. But they have all implemented them differently. I'm talking about down to the syntax different. It becomes a maintainers' nightmare when there are 3 different syntaxes for just one rounded corner.

I'm fine with exploring HTML5 and CSS3 and I love them very much, but putting them on my production projects? Meh.... maybe not just yet.

1 comment:

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