Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chrome Armory v1.3.0 Released

v1.3.0 is supposed be a big release, but since Blizzard decided to update, this version has been taken over by code updates to support Blizzard's updates.

However, this release isn't a minor patch release. It did contain quite a bit of changes and including a new feature. I went through major refactoring over the quick and dirty codes (remember, this extension was my first extension and took me only half a day to finish v1.0). The end result is a more organized, more secure, and much faster code base. You'll probably notice the load time on a character's profile has increased. This round of refactoring is only the first step of many that I have planned.

My goal is to have a release at least once a week (every Sunday). There are many ideas on my notebook (on Evernote), so stay tunned in for more. :)

Here are the release notes:

 - major release to support new UI
 - added character specs
 - detects the active and inactive specs

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