Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chrome Armory v1.3.2 Released

After staying up very late last night to push out v1.3.0, I was very happy with the new code optimizations. Now that the whole code base is based on a much stronger structure/framework, I started doing some reality checks on the list of features on my notebook (btw, it was updated early this morning after seeing the new wowarmory). Surprisingly, most the features can be done much sooner since the implementation part has gotten much easier and cleaner.

I had a long 3 hour drive home from work today (LA traffic SUCKS). Usually it's a long ass boring drive, but not today. My brain was going through each planned/unplanned features to figure out how they can be done and in which order they can be released. Don't under estimate the power of 3 hour traffic jam. I've not only reordered the release milestones on my basecamp, but also added a few more features onto my notebook after I got home.

So here it is, v1.3.2. I quickly finished off some of the features that were interrupted by yesterday's emergency release and also added a simple but very very neat feature - 3D Model Viewer.

Release Notes:
 - added new character 3D model viewer
 - added base/ranged/melee/spell/defense stats of the character
 - lots of code optimization and speed optimization

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