Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fried Video Card

Things are just not heading towards North as I wished. Ever since I had my WoW account hacked, it seems like every little thing can turn South at the most unexpected time.

Just as I was trying to finish up the dev work on the three Chrome Extensions, my video card gave up on me. Sadly, I'm on a Dell XPS400 that was built 4 years ago and the video card is only a GeForce 6 series. I know, it's really a joke to most of  you guys. It's definitely a legacy video card now consider that it's only PCI-Express x16 without the buzzy word "2.0". I guess I should've replaced it when the fans started making noises....  Everything is too late now. It finally frozen up my screen and gave up on itself.

I'm actually writting this post from my wife's laptop which I'm not allowed to use for programming. It's a netbook strictly bought for her for reading online novels (those chinese love novels.... are they really that good?)

I have placed an order for a new video card, a GeForce 9800 GT, from It should arrive by tomorrow. For those of you who came from the support link on my extensions, please be patient. I'll be back on track in a couple days, promised.

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